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Melancholic Temperament In Troubling Times

This series started from a place of my unknowing. 

But, as time goes by and I continue to work, I am beginning to understand.  These created and documented micro-environments are my attempt at gaining control in an out of control situation.  Melancholic Temperament in Troubling Times is my attempt at unraveling deep confusion and feelings of loss that have been triggered by the pandemic   The photographs reflect living life with a dread of what is yet to come paired with the recognition that life will never be the same.  The unknowing I am experiencing isn't unique to me but a pervading presence for all of us.  We live in a world where we don't know with any certainty what tomorrow will bring.  Feelings of loss, sadness, fear and loneliness generated from loss of agency is pervasive.  This has become our norm. 

This ongoing body of work mirrors the wounding of hope and loss of belief.
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