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Basic Significance

Permafrost, land that has been frozen continually for two or more consecutive years, is made up of layer upon layer of decayed plants, animals, and other organic and inorganic materials.  Almost a quarter of all land in the Northern Hemisphere is underlaid with permafrost.  However, as the Earth's surface warms, this permafrost melts and releases previously buried matter to the surface. The layers of once living materials are exposed and released back into the atmosphere. These photographs were generated by my thoughts of how a disruption on the surface releases the past.  I saw the land and it's melting permafrost as a metaphor for memory.  These photographic are made in two different versions.  Smaller prints, shown below, measure 13" x 38" and are printed on one piece of paper.  Longer scroll are made from an image that has been broken down into  13" x 19" section then assembled with sewing to create a one long scroll that measures 19" x 58". 

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