As we move through the world our senses become entwined with the materiality of each environment we encounter. This co-mingling of the kinesthetic with the tangible become stored in our mind and body as a memory.  Challenged by the task of representing the mutability and ever-present mystery of memory, I have pushed against the ideas of time being unredeemable and reexamining the past futile.  I believe we continually redeem the past through its re-imagination. It is precisely because the past is with us in the present, and will be part of our future that it is redeemable.

I look to the formative influences of memory on identity and question the role of the photograph as a record of the truth. Through the manipulation of the photographic image, both digitally and by hand through acts of sanding, sewing and collage, I move the photograph into a multi-layered construction. By means of defacing and reassembling the image, my mission is to distill the emotions connected to the losses of the past as they are filtered thorough time and the subjectivity of memory.